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Name:Teito Klein
Birthdate:Dec 1

Teito Klein

Age: 15 (Dec 1)
Species: Human
Hair color: brown
Eye color: green (Mikhail: Red)
Occupation: Student (bishop in training)
Title: Prince of Raggs, Sklave
Known relatives: all deceased
Place of birth: Raggs Kingdom
Last Residence: 7th District Church
Blood type: O
Height: 159 cm (5'2")
Weight: 43kg.
Favorite food: macaroni gratin
Favorite drink: melon soda
Favorite color: sky blue.

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When Mikage died... I felt like a part of me died as well.
-- Teito Klein

Powers: Teito's abilities stem from his aptitude to harness Zaiphon. Among being able to perform standard Zaiphon based attacks, he is demonstrated the ability to subdue his opponents. He has also shown the ability to create a shield that he uses to protect himself (or others) from external attacks however it is not indestructible and can be destroyed with enough force. Teito's Zaiphon can also enable him to soar through the air. As Zaiphon are generated from a caster's feelings or thoughts, he is able to communicate in places where it is impossible to speak by using his Zaiphon to create sentences e.g. underwater.

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